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The goal of the Physics Graduate School is to advance the knowledge of physics by maintaining internationally recognized high standards for teaching and research. We promote communication and interaction within the physics community and with society at large. In addition to teaching a careful and thorough scientific approach, we discuss the social and ethical responsibilities of being a scientist to prepare our graduates for their careers as independent researchers.


TUG/KFU Physics Colloquium Summer 2018
Tuesday 24 April 2018      KFU HS 05.01

17:00 - 18:00

Measurements with the CMS experiment at the HEPHY
Dr. Robert Schöfbeck , ÖAW - The Institute of High Energy Physics (HEPHY)

Abstract: While the LHC commences operations in 2018 that will conclude its 2nd running period, it is a good time to review the status the important questions it set out to answer.
The HEPHY in Vienna has made contributions to some of them, both within the standard model and beyond, and using the data from the CMS experiment.
I will review the main physics considerations that lead to our early expectations, describe the impact of some of the main results on the wider field and share my prospects for the future.